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A campaign, « Dear Future Mom », is being launched on internet and social networks for the World Down Syndrome Day on the 21st of March 2014.

Published on 03/17/2014 in Event

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The campaign, whose main component is a video, gives out a comforting and strong message to pregnant women who are expecting a child with Down Syndrome and are asking themselves whether or not it could be happy?

This information is essential due to the ever growing use of prenatal screening tests in many countries which gives out the idea that living with such a disease is unbearable, and which leads to a mass elimination of children with Down Syndrome before they are born.

In 2014, whatever their nationality, European citizens will first be expecting positive and human messages, messages which speak of the future as a time when disabled children will be welcomed and brought up properly. Families who already have a child with Down Syndrome will be hearing out for collective welcoming messages, which they usually never get. Their demand is that the government change their policy so that health, schooling and professional insertion also serve the interests of people with Down Syndrome, who are patients and citizens the same as everyone else.

The « Dear Future Mon » campaign was put together in Milan by the Italian Saatchi Saatchi agency. It brought together Italian, Spanish, English and French actors, all carriers of Down Syndrome. Apart from the video, the campaign is declined in various visuals for the press in which the actors claim: “We have a right to happiness”.

It is financed and supported by a dozen organizations; for France le Collectif des Amis d'Eléonore and the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation ; for Italy the organization CoorDown ;  for Spain Fundacion Sindrome de Down ; for England Down Syndrome Education International & Down Syndrome Development Trust ; for Germany Arbeitskreis Down-Syndrom ;  for Croatia DSC Pula ; for Ireland Down Syndrome.

To support the campaign:

Twitter: #DearFutureMom

Facebook: Down Syndrome and so what

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