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The winners of the EuropAffiche contest in Brussels

Published on 09/06/2010 in Event


Abound forty intellectually disabled young persons, winners of the EuropAffiche contest thanks to the quality of the work they handed in to the jury, were received at the European Parliament. This is about a visit both hosts and visitors were moved by.

Last 3rd of June, the 6 teams, winners of the 2009 and 2010 EurpAffiche contest were received at the European parliament in Brussels. Among them, 42 were French and went accompanied by their educators. They were welcomed by Hugues Barthélémy, responsible for the European deputies, who had generously taken the initiative of setting up the day. For its second edition, the EuropAffiche contest’s theme for young intellectually disabled students in France was to work on the resemblances and differences within European tales and legends.


Deputy Philippe de Villiers took advantage of these creations by inviting the young artists to the European Parliament and raising parliamentarians’ awareness of genetic intellectual disability. The posters chosen by the jury were put up on display in the main hall of the European parliament from the 28th of June to the 1st of July, thus enabling deputies present in parliament to discover the works of art and meet the artists.

For the winners of the contest, it was a great opportunity during which they were able to ask their hosts anything they wanted. They appreciated the tour, marked by true hospitality and benevolence. They visited the hemicycle and took place in the tribune of one of the Parliament’s amphitheatres to give a presentation of their work. They were impressed by the complexity and richness of Europe which includes 27 states and communicates in 23 languages.

The day will have helped these young people to better picture this European body which very often comes up in the media but which young people, as a whole, don’t know very well. Their work found its meaning in this European context. They expressed their desire to open up the EuropAffiche contest to all young people with intellectual disabilities in Europe.

Such strong moments (research on the subject proposed and making of the posters, visits of Brussels) enabled these young adults to surpass and give the best of themselves, to be recognized and valued, and therefore to progress.

That’s why the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is already launching the third edition of the EuropAffiche contest: for 2011, the theme given to centres and integration educational units will be “traditional Games and sports throughout Europe”.

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