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A good performance for the runners of the KmT21

Published on 06/04/2014 in Event

Kilo T21 tour

Launched last 14th of January during a convivial aperitif, KilometreT21 (Down Syndrome Kilometre in French) is meeting with great success on its first year. Because medical research on genetic intelligence diseases is a long distance race, KilometreT21 offers to collect funds in favour of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation by running.

Ten runners set of for the semi-marathon of Paris on 2nd March and ten other runners wore the colours of the Kilomètre 21 for the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris on the 6th April.

Each runner represents a fundraise: 11 000€ collected for the semi-marathon and 8000€ for the marathon’s team. Many sportsmen got involved in the project and received strong support from their families and friends. Surrounded by one way or another by people with Down Syndrome, partaking in the race was, for them, the most natural way of acting. As said one of the semi-marathon runners, father of a little girl with Down Syndrome: “There is not much I can do to help my daughter so, if collecting money for research by running can help, then why think twice?”

The first KilometreT21 year will be ended by 2 editions of the Course des Héros (Heros’ race). Organized by Alvarum, the various associations involved have turned this solidarity walk/race into an enormous party. The objective here is not to achieve a sport’s performance as the participants can take as long as they want to cover the 6 kilometres of the way. The first meeting point will be in Lyon on 15th June and the second in Paris on 22nd June.

To this day, there are 17 places left for the race “ Course des Héros“ in Paris and 8 for the one in Lyon. This event is a good way of getting together and combine sports and partying while helping the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation’s projects and make known to the other participants the work of the Foundation. The principle of this race is the same as for the semi-marathon and the marathon: sign up as a runner and collect funds for medical research on genetic intellectual diseases.

The target set at the beginning of the Kilomètre T21 has nearly been achieved. The idea was to collect 20 000€ which represents the average funding of a research project on Down Syndrome.

This is proof that by running it is possible to help research make progress in a very concrete way. Thanks to everyone, we’ll meet at the Course des Héros. See you next year!

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