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A triumph for research

Published on 06/16/2014 in Event



Triumph. It is, first of all, the name of a superb car but it has also become Jean-Pierre’s fight. He is a passionate and has decided to refurbish a Spitfire Mik3 69 in order to fund research.

The “association des vieilles voitures de Mer” (organization for old sea cars) joined in with this meticulous work and many of its member have signed up to be a part of the adventure. The refurbishing ended up taking longer than expected: “It seemed ok but as soon as we took a closer look it turned out to be full of surprises”. We had to find and buy pieces, to that you can add the 850 hours of work it took us to make this beautiful car look as good as new.

The objective of all this? : A sale which profits will be used for Jean-Pierre’s grandson, Briac, and all the other children carriers of Smith Magenis Syndrome.

Rare and badly known genetic syndrome, SMS (Smith Magenis Syndrome) finds its origin in a micro deletion of the chromosome 17. The family contacted the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation so that the product of the sale of the triumph may fund scientific research on Smith-Magenis Syndrome: 5 000€ were handed over to the foundation and 1000€ to the ASM 17 organization.


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