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The human embryo should not become laboratory material

Published on 08/27/2013 in Press releases


Thursday 31 January 2013

After the Senate vote in December, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation's alert confirms that embryo research will be discussed at the National Assembly by the end of March, and the parliamentary process has been set in motion.  

  • Yesterday, Dominique Orliac, MP of the Lot département, was appointed reporter for the draft law concerned with authorising research on the human embryo and human embryonic stem cells.
  • The terms were included in the Committee on Social Affairs' agenda in the week beginning 18 March, which confirmed the public meeting review on 28 March, reserved for the parliamentary niche of France's radical left group (Radical, Republican, Democratic and Progressive group - RDPP).

A law which would sacrifice the embryo at the altar of fantasy.

In the Explanatory statement for the draft law n°644 (23 January 2013), Mr. Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg, president of the Radical group claims that "we cannot, in a Secular state, confuse an article of faith and an article of the law". The catchphrase reveals the ideological grounds for the demand for embryo research.

It should not be forgotten that Mr. Schwartzenberg already used this pun in 2005 to promote cloning. Since then, his promises have crumbled, a tactless scientific sham was revealed and ideas on cloning as a cure were disposed of.

No scientist in the world questions the fact that the embryo is a human being. The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation does not have a specific opinion on the subject; it observes and collects scientific data which is used to create a full consensus. Embryo research sponsors have chosen to distort the human embryo by making it laboratory material, an object that can be simply fooled around with. Thus, they assert a position which comes from belief: claiming that the human embryo does not belong to the human species, which is not a scientific attitude. They want us to believe that sacrificing a human embryo will help cell therapy to advance, which is completely irrational.

The greatest disclaimer was made by the Japanese researcher (Yamanaka), who did not need to destroy a human embryo to make a major discovery and win the Nobel prize.

This historical revisionism, which circulates beneath the flags of scientific convenience, aims to obtain open and free access to the human being at the 1st stages of development in order to carry out toxicity tests and screening of molecules which people no longer want to carry out on animals, which is fiercely defended by nature protection associations.

Furthermore, in late March, France will discuss the opportunity to authorise embryo research when several countries invest millions of dollars in iPS cells, alternative non-embryonic cells, which demonstrates the progress that has been made.

Vous trouvez ça normal ? (Do you find that right?)

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation denounces the tired argument, which is a little short of attaining secularism. Does the left wing have any other intellectual resources other than re-using ten-year old puns to justify a law which will only protect the human embryo in a derogatory way and will essentially give the green light to the ultra-liberalism of techno-science and the market? In order to draw attention to the importance on the embryo research ban, the Foundation has launched a mobilisation campaign, Vous trouvez ça normal ?, which has proven to be very successful (over 35,000 cards ordered).

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