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Abortion trivialized in parliament: we must say NO on the 19th of January (March for Life in Paris)

Published on 12/30/2013 in Press releases

300x300-VisuelAvortement-v51) The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is Informing French citizens of the legislative evolutions in parliament related to abortion. These modifications, hidden away in a project of law which has nothing to do with the subject (Men/Women Equality) are put in place without any debate. These modifications, however, are crucial :
On the 17th of September the Senate voted the extension of crime offence related to abortion obstruction. This extension concerns information. It will oblige call centres for pregnant women and internet sites to inform on the possibility of having an abortion. Indeed, while speaking to the National college of French gynaecologists and obstetricians, the minister for the rights of women reminded them that obstruction also includes the moment during which a women is on the point of collecting the information ».

This week in parliament, the social affairs commission and the law commission are debating on the same law draft. For the occasion, amendments regarding abortion have just been voted: 

a) It changed the status of abortion which is no longer a derogation but a right. This act, contrary to the respect of life and decriminalized under certain circumstances, will become an act like any other.

  • A new title called « Dispositions aiming at guaranteeing women’s rights to dispose of their body » was created by an amendment which wants to lay down the principle according to which one has the right of disposing of one’s body and of having an abortion.
  • Another amendment confirms this change by replacing “whose state puts in a situation of distress” by “who does not wish to carry on with pregnancy” , in the health code (art. L.2212-1). It thus suppresses the only argument since 1975 which justified abortion decriminalization. The Veil act has just been completely deconstructed. 

b) The formula used in these amendments reflects a UN globalized vision of demography regulation which uses birth control and abortion as masterpieces of international development. Thus, the current title of the second part of the public health code « Health of the family, mother and child » is being modified because considered as « obsolete and inappropriate ». The new title will be « reproductive health, rights of women and protection of children’s health. »

2) The Jérôme Lejeune foundation denounces the absence of debate when referring to a strong modification of abortion legislation. It calls on political leaders to open their eyes on how the reality of abortion is concealed. Whether we like it or not, the reality of abortion consists in killing a human being before it is born. The very nature of this act has consequences that simply cannot be kept silent. The respect of human life has more value than law. It is not because abortion has been decriminalized under certain circumstances that it can be put forward as a right. Instituting the right of life and death is the only basis on which not to respect of the principle of protection of human life from its very beginning (article 16 of the civil code). This now concerns both extremities of life.

3) The Jérôme Lejeune foundation invite all citizens to resist these changes by participating in the March For Life in Paris on the 19th of January. As a reminder, the 20th of January is the day on which the bill mentioned above will be debated in public.


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