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Jean-Marie Le Méné in Le Figaro "Respect of life : Spain 1 – France 0"

Published on 02/25/2014 in Press releases

JM Le Méné

The first reform for society to be brought to France in 2014 will be neither medically assisted reproduction for homosexuals nor euthanasia. No, the first subject of this new year will be the greatest infringement to the interests of children, i.e., extension of abortion. During that time, going down a totally different path, Spain’s first social reform will be the restriction of abortion.  A perfect denial of the current thought that says it is impossible to go back on a reform in society.

Thus, the French government enters into its annual quota of family destruction by bringing up a « small » subject which doesn’t foster too many reactions as it is not really considered as an issue anymore. But it would be wrong not to be concerned. The ideology of abortion is an imposed figure, a kind of banner of victory which consists in pushing back the frontiers of transgression. Judge for yourself. The High Council of equality between men and women, sent into orbit by the minister for women’s rights, has just produced no less than 40 recommendations to ameliorate access to abortion. No one ever thought it was threatened as the country has one of the highest scores for abortion in Europe. Neither did anyone know the government was finding it difficult to find priority issues. This was followed by the approval of a draft during a very discrete session at the senate. The draft was then adopted by the commission at the Assembly amid total indifference on the eve of national bank holidays. It will be presented in open session on the 20th of January. It contains amendments which frees abortion from the limits set by the Veil Law. Hidden behind a draft on equality, which has nothing to do with the subject, this reform is far from being a minor one. Two provisions are to be modified: the suppression of the notion of state of distress and the extension of the offence of obstruction.

In what way can it be said that these changes will aggravate trivialisation, already present in France?

Supressing the state of distress of the women will make abortion change from being a derogation to being a right. Since the 1975 Law, it was decriminalized but was never a right. This is derogating the principle of respect of all human beings from the very beginning of life. Everyone knows very well that, in practice, no women has to prove her distress. But this small constraint still indicates that abortion is not a solution to everything, nor to choose the sexe of a child, nor to select one according to its genome. All this will soon be made possible by law to the great benefit of the market. Supressing the state of distress leads to unlimited rights, whose counterparts, in terms of obligation, it would be inspiring to look at.  Bertrand Mathieu speaks of a «  true turmoil »  The next steps will be the suppression of the objection of conscience followed by the arbitrary cursor which sets the delays for abortion and, finally, the 1975 law itself as is will have become useless.

The second amendment aims a extending the offence of obstruction related to information on abortion. Woe to those who try to warn others on the dangers of abortion, or try to dissuade those who are thinking of doing it or who might even forget to mention it. This disposition, inspired by prochoice feminists, heard in Assembly in October, is a threat to freedom. It targets call centres for pregnant women and internet sites which will be prevented from promoting life as they will also be in the obligation of promoting death. To the relentless attacks against life to come, is added freedom of expression infringement which does have consequences. Abortion, gold standard of all society reforms, including homosexual marriage, will also be the admiral vessel in the fight for the right of euthanasia. Who may kill an unwelcomed baby may also get rid of an unwanted elderly person. However, by fear of been excommunicated by the media, the whistle-blowers of the effects of these laws don’t dare to attack their causes any more. And, even though there are a lot of people sighing at the destruction of family, there are less actually rising up against the destruction of its weakest spot, babies to be born.

Our Spanish cousins don’t want anything to do with our excuses. With vehemence, they stopped the omerta on abortion. Still creating opposition, it was included among the campaign promises. Let us remember the 2009 street demonstration which brought them luck. Two years after the majority changed, a new law is in the process of being voted. It limits the possibility of having an abortion to the case of rape or when the psychic or physical health of the mother is endangered. But, most of all, it goes against eugenics which is spreading in Europe very fast. Soon, it will become urgent to flee to countries where it will not be possible to take a child’s life simply because it has Down Syndrome. The Spanish people experienced the fact that liberal socialism, even on a high dosage, does not overcome human nature. Let us be many to express this new idea during the March for Life on the 19th of January ( or

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