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An Attack on the U.S. Foundation’s Website

Published on 04/25/2014 in Press releases

coupon reponseIf anyone has tried to visit the website of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation USA ( over the last few weeks they would have seen a real mess. For some reason hackers targeted the American Foundation for an attack and destroyed the code that provides formatting for the webpage. This isn't a result of the Heartbleed Bug that has been in the news lately. It is a direct attack specifically targeted against the U.S. Foundation. Why? Who knows.

It is particularly difficult to understand why this would happen to an organization whose purpose is to serve those with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilities. But the world is a cruel place, isn't it. That's why we're here - to make the world a better place for those who have been victims of the cruetly of others because of their differences.

Unfortunately, the repair work has to be done. It has already consumed hours of time, but while it is being done we have asked the programmers to also secure us from any future attack.

Of course, the Foundation never anticipated an event like this, so there is nothing in their budget to cover the cost. Just getting the site usable again is going to cost at least $4,000. To secure it from future attacks will be even more expensive, but we can't risk another attach like this in the future.

Are you able to help us? If so, would you please make a secure donation to assit us in restoring our site, and securing it from any attempted future vandalism. You can make a secure, tax deductible contribution by clicking here. Donations are not processed at our website, but through "Click and Pledge". There is no reason to be concerned that our vandals will have access to your personal information.

Thank you very much for your generosity. We will be back in good shape soon.

Jerome Lejeune Foundation, USA
6397 Drexel Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19151

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