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« Euthanasia for all »

Published on 06/24/2014 in Press releases

The highest administrative court simply had to say whether stopping to feed and hydrate artificially Vincent Lambert was legal, i.e., if it was conform to the Léonetti Law of 2005.

The State Council has just adjudicated on this point of law: «unplugging the fluids » of Vincent Lambert is indeed a legal act, conform to the Léonetti Law which confers to the doctor the right to decide to stop a treatment which would testify of an “unreasonable obstinacy”. The collegiate procedure was indeed respected. Everything was done under republican virtue. We can therefore be reassured.

For Jean Marie Le Méné, président of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation: « This decision of the State Council does not come as a surprise as it is what the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation was the first to denounce in 2004, i.e., that the Léonetti Law enables euthanasia by assimilating care, which is always due to a patient, to treatments which can be interrupted if they are no longer efficient. The words of Jean Léonetti, these past days, which do not hesitate in supporting the fact that one can provoke death without killing, makes his position very clear. It is so in the mission he has just accepted to take on with Alain Clayes (socialist) which will lead, after a reflexion free of any taboos (apart from that of the respect of life), to supervising the excesses, i.e., legalizing euthanasia”.

The State Council could have tried to save Vincent Lambert’s life. It did not do so but, instead, it condemned a living person, disabled because of an accident, to death given out by the medical services. This decision came up on the very same day on which Bonnemaison, the poisoner, was being heard for a request for a suspended sentence. The homicidal doctor could be spared although the sick person is being condemned? There sometimes occurs coincidences of time and action we could do without.

As, from now on, people will need to be reminder, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation specifies that provoking a person’s death supposes that this person is alive. Vincent Lambert has not reached the end of his life. Society’s only duty is to help him and his family, not arbitrarily condemn him because his life is apparently not worth living. If the legislator refrained from making such appalling laws, the judge would not be tempted to pronounce such a sentence, of evil memory, which opens the doors to euthanasia for all.




To help decrypt what is at stake (medically, judicially, ethically)

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