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For the CSA, there is something suspicious about the happiness of children with Down Syndrome

Published on 07/30/2014 in Press releases


The CSA (superior audio-visuals council)* has just published a criticism legal decision regarding the “Dear Future Mom” video campaign which was broadcasted for World Down Syndrome Day. It accuses several television channels of having broadcasted it in whereas it does not fit general interest expected in the case of a free broadcast, according to this administration.

The CSA’s complaint is that the video does not qualify as a public service video, and therefore should not have been broadcast for free. It claims that the video could not possibly generate spontaneous support from viewers and consent to its content.

As a reminder, this video aims at reassuring a pregnant women about the possible Future and happiness of her child with Down Syndrome. The finality of this campaign is to fight against the discrimination and stigmatisation with which disabled people are confronted and encourage their integration in society.

The video met with international «spontaneous and consensual » success:

  • Over 5 million people have watched it to this day (most shared campaign in the world in 24 hours),
  • Broadcasted at the UN 21st March,
  • Applauded and encouraged by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi,
  • Awarded at the Cannes Festival, the video received several Gold Lions at the International Festival of Creativity.
  • Discussed in a full-page spread in the Vanity Fair cultural magazine in Italy,


The CSA has chosen to restrain the freedom of expression, taking on the responsibility of the risk of limiting the scope of a message welcoming children with Down Syndrome.

At a time in which communication is marked by internationalisation, internet and social networks, this notice has had absolutely no effect.

However, it underlines the blindness of the French public authorities; France has been for a long time the leading country concerning the elimination of children with Down Syndrome before they are born (96%).

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation encourages television viewers to thank TF1, M6 and Canal+, the channels which relayed the Dear Future Mom » campaign last March.


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* The CSA is the audio-visual regulatory authority (television and radio only) in France. : Its mission is to contribute to the actions in favour of social cohesion and which fight against discrimination in the field of audio-visual communications. Here the CSA notice





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