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The CSA, the eradication of people with Down Syndrome and public utility

Published on 08/19/2014 in Press releases

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The CSA is not talking nonsense, alas one would almost come to regret it.

In the case in which it lectured various TV channels for having broadcasted an awareness spot on Down Syndrome, the CSA does not considers the video to be of public utility and declared that it could not possibly generate spontaneous support from viewers. The sadness of it all is that the CSA is partly right! It is right in the sense that the mass elimination of children with Down Syndrome, fruit of programmed, budgeted, systemized and refunded prenatal diagnostics is what is presented today as being of public utility. Down Syndrome; it is the story of a disease that was never deadly until technique and the market made it so. Prodigious modernity. Taking all this into account, it becomes clear that a message of awareness putting forward the happy life of a person with Down Syndrome does not, indeed, generate spontaneous support.

In case we had not understood, the CSA specified that it is about “not troubling the conscience of women who, in the respect of the law, have made different personal choices for their lives”. Confusion of anthology forgetful of the past in which moral conscience’s only reference is the law. Euphemism of anthology in which the “personal choice of one’s life” consists in eliminating a child and collectively conducts to the eradication of people with Down Syndrome.

The CSA is not talking nonsense. But this make matters even more serious. It remains silent when faced with eugenics. It refuses to set a limit to this madness, unprecedented in history, created by the almost complete extermination-through fallacious compassion- of a population stigmatized because of its genome. Not only are people with Down Syndrome not allowed to live but we cannot even talk about them anymore. To foetal euthanasia is now being added a restriction on freedom of expression. The turnover of the companies of screening tests for Down Syndrome, made by pure philanthropy by the American laboratories and which we receive by the thousand, reaches 10 billion dollars worldwide. France has the highest rate with over 95% of babies with Down Syndrome aborted. This mortifying policy costs France the modest amount of 250 million € every year and the price should increase as soon as the health insurance have bought the new, non-invasive screening tests. But quiet! The day is coming when one will need an imprimatur before shooting pictures evoking the joy in life of disable people living in families which love them.

The CSA is not talking nonsense. It is lying. It is taking for granted that this hunt for children with Down Syndrome before they are born Is shared by everyone. That it is possible to hypocritically display national solidarity for disabled people and do everything possible so that they are never born.* They try to ignore the fact that more and more women have had enough of their pregnancies being compulsively looked into, of being harassed, pressurized, offered diagnostic which, in order to create demand, dehumanizes the child they are carrying and directs them to make an inhuman choice: eliminate the child or take the risk of being accused of keeping it. It acts as though families were not capable of loving their children who are different. It treats those who have given birth to or adopted a disabled child as though they did not exist, as though they counted for nothing and as though they did not feel like they had been stabbed in the back by this exclusion from society. One should know that the number of plaints received by the CSA on which it forged its opinion can be counted on one hand…It is appalling! So, two or three plaints are worth a video that was seen over 5.5 million times with much emotion, received a prize in Cannes, was watched at the UN and supported and encouraged by political leaders… abroad?

I am solemnly asking: who, today, is sending a positive, welcoming message to children with Down Syndrome? Who is capable of doing so, who wants to do so, who has the courage to do so? Who is standing up to bring them justice, to put research and medicine on their side so that, one day, they may be given back they full cognitive capacities of which they are deprived because of an extra chromosome?  Who is providing medical consultation for these patients and their families, listens and gives them something different from a prophecy of doom? Yes, we are proud, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, the Collectif des Amis D’Eléonore and Coordown and other European associations of having obtained –and with what success- that once, just once, and publically, the happiness to which people with Down Syndrome and their families are entitled has been evoked. The CSA’s clergy can put us on the side bench but nothing it can take from us will ever be enough to turn out the flame of hope which is now lit and travelling around the globe.

Jean-Marie Le Méné, President of the Foundation.


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