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Ethical research, what else?

Published on 02/06/2015 in Scientific research


Ethical research, what else?

100% ethical research on stem cells that does not destroy any human embryo and makes progress.

The information from Japan proves it once again. Shinya Yamanaka, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2012 for her work on IPS cells, and his collaborators from CiRa have just shown it. On November 26th last in “Stem Cell Reports”, they published some of their work. These scientists have managed to edit the genome of an IPS cell to correct the genetic anomaly responsible for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (cf. newspaper “Le Monde”, supplement Science and Techno “Le Japon, pays des ‘cellules puissante’ ”, 12/01/2014).

Therefore, it is possible to fund medical research on innovative stem cells without destroying human embryos. As Jean-Marie Le Méné, president of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, reminds us, “It can be done differently. And anyway, you cannot destroy human embryos, which are fully part of the human species”.

We thus have the choice: to fund medical research that does not respect human life or support 100% ethical medical research, protective of embryos and respectful of human life.

What about you, what medical research do you support?

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