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We will be successful

Published on 02/06/2015 in Scientific research


Medical research on genetic intellectual diseases will only be able to progress if there is a clear will to support scientists and create the necessary conditions for the launch of new studies. As says the Scientist Sébastien Jacquemert, hope is great, « we must not give up when faced with the behavioural disorders of a child’s cerebral development because it could be possible to modify it and re-establish certain functions thanks to a targeted therapy” (Figaro 01/06/2011, about his research work on Fragile-X).

That is why medical research, aiming at decreasing intellectual disability, is one of the main objectives of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation and Institute. Does this mean the patients are going to be cured? In regards to Down Syndrome, even though it is highly improbable that we one day manage to remove the third chromosome, it is however possible that we may be able to attenuate the intellectual disability. The finality of therapeutic research is thus to succeed in developing some sort of prevention or a pharmacological treatment which could improve the patients’ intellectual functions.

The progress and ambition of today’s scientists confirm the “original” idea of Pr. Jérôme Lejeune; that of therapeutic hope: “We will find a way. It is impossible not to. It is a much less difficult intellectual effort than sending a man on the moon. “
And in order to succeed, we need you.


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