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The Lejeune Foundation puts forward the research of leading researchers and encourages young researchers.

Published on 02/06/2015 in Scientific research

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They are searching

Intellectual disability constitutes the main disability of people living with genetic intelligence diseases.

That is why the research for a treatment aiming at decreasing this intellectual disability is one of the major objectives of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation and Institute. As soon as they were created, they initiated an international dynamic within their various teams, of which the current progress and ambition confirm the “original” idea of Pr. Jérôme Lejeune; that of therapeutic hope.

Speaking of which, since 2010 the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation has been attributing two types of awards. The “Sisley-Jérôme Lejeune” scientific award and the “Young Jérôme Lejeune researchers” award, which aim at promoting therapeutic research on genetic intellectual disabilities, and encouraging young scientists to work precisely in this field of research.

Laureates of the Sisley-Jérôme Lejeune award

2010 laureate
Pr. Mara Dierssen – Barcelona

2011 Laureate
Pr. William Mobley – San Diego

2012 Laureate
Pr. Roger Reeves – Baltimore

2013 Laureate
Pr. Lynn Nadel – University of Arizona & Pr. Yann Hérault – Illkirch

Laureates of the Young Jérôme Lejeune Researcher award

2010 Laureates
Françoise Piguet (Paris), Sarah Boissel (Paris)

2011 Laureates
Simonetta Bandiera (Paris) et Nicolas Panayotis (Marseille)

2012 Laureates
Maxime Fieschi (Marseille) and Damien Maréchal (Illkirch)
2013 Laureates
Alexandra Trotier-Faurion, Elisabetta Aloisi, Aurore Thomazeau


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