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The international Jérôme Lejeune Days

Published on 06/26/2014 in Scientific research

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After the editions of 2004, 2006 and 2011, the 4th International Jérôme Lejeune Days will be taking place in Paris, next September. As for the previous ones, the congress aims at bringing together specialized professionals around therapeutic research on genetic intellectual diseases (GID, which include genetic intellectual disabilities along with a loss of autonomy: Down Syndrome, Fragile-X Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Cri du Chat Syndrome, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Williams-Beuren Syndrome…). Recollection of the previous editions.

In 2004 the general theme of the first International Jérôme Lejeune Days was “Genetic Intellectual diseases, from molecular biology to treatment”. This first world congress organized on therapeutic research for the GID met with a great success. Over 200 researchers and an exceptional panel of 30 speakers chosen among the best specialists in the world exchanged views on fundamental research.

Among the international speakers : Katheleen Gardiner (Denver), Bernard Horsthemke (Essen), Alexandre Reymond (Geneva), Stefano Vicari (Rome) Xavier Estivill (Barcelona), Roger Reeves (Baltimore) ,William Mobley (Stanford), Zygmunt Galdzicki (Bethesda), Skirmantas Kriaucionis (Edinburgh), Ira T Lott (California), Roderick Beijerbsbergen (Amsterdam), Randi Hagerman (Sacramento), David Patterson (Denver), Charles Epstein (San Francisco). The event’s scientific committee was chaired by Professor Stylians Antonarakis. On this occasion, he received the first prize of the International Jérôme Lejeune Scientific Award from the hands of Jean François Mattéi and Lucien Israël.

One of the particularities of this event was the possibility for scientists who worked in fundamental genetics and those in contact with the patients to meet.

In 2006 the 2nd edition of the IJJD mostly looked into the clinical plan, with the theme “Genetic intelligence diseases: care support and therapeutic perspectives”. The event was chaired by Pr. William Mobley and was an opportunity to present perspectives of treatment more concretely. Over 450 people attended the IJJD and for them it was a great opportunity to find out about the latest scientific discoveries. The IJJD were particularly interesting for people working in the health sector as they received useful information.

In 2011, for the 3rd edition, the Internationnal Jérôme Lejeune Days were organized around the theme “Genetic Intellectual disability”: progressing towards targeted treatments”. The speakers were resolutely turned not only towards understanding the diseases but also towards the possibilities of therapeutic treatments, which included the launch of therapeutic clinical trials. Many speakers like Roger Reeves and Randi Hagermann, who chaired the scientific committee, came up with essential themes such as genetics, cellular biology, imaging, therapy and the ongoing clinical trials. For Professor William Mobley, a regular speaker of this scientific event: “The International Jérôme Lejeune Days are a unique congress in the field of therapeutic research on genetic intellectual deficiency”.

On September 18th and 19th, 2014, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation and Institute are organizing a 4th edition of the International Jérôme Lejeune Days. This year the theme will be: “The importance of assessment in intellectual deficiency”.

A whole lot of information to come but for the time being, for all professionals wanting to subscribe:

As for every edition, at the end of the scientific colloquium, a day is proposed for parents. It is being organized around the theme: “The accompaniment of people carriers of intellectual deficiencies through the various stages of life”

It will take place on Saturday 19th September. Registration is mandatory on the website of the Jérôme Lejeune Institute (please note that there is a limited number of places!).



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