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Once upon a time, Bertille...

Published on 04/02/2015 in Testimonials



When she enters the room with her Godmother, Bertille, this 9 and a half year old little girl living with Down Syndrome, puts on a cheerful smile. Wearing her multi-coloured jacket, Bertille is a coquette and likes the world to know. By talking to her, you discover a little girl who is just like any other little girl and who rabbits on about everything she loves: cartoons, French fries and… African music. Welcome to Bertille’s colourful world.

When she sits down in front of us, Bertille takes off her scarf and hat, not to mention her gloves, with the latest Disney Cartoon character. With sparkling eyes, she also tells us about Toy story and Rapunzel. But Bertille also loves theatre, and went to see Beauty and the Beast with her Godmother. Here she goes, humming the tunes of a great classic, then going through all the many cartoon references she has in store. From Kirikou to Nemo, passing through the Jungle Book, Bertille takes it to heart to contribute to the cinematographic culture of Gaspard, her younger brother with whom she shares a bedroom, and Valentine, her sister who is two years younger than her.

Famille bertille

At school, Bertille is in CLIS1 (French class for school integration), but also attends some of the lessons of the “ordinary” classes of second grade. Her favourite moment? The “what’s up”, the moment when she arrives in class and her teacher asks the children: “what’s up? What have you been up to since last time I saw you all?” Then Bertille talks to her friends about her afternoons at home, where she invites her friends Chloé and Alice, but also Lily, a little English girl from school. Their favourite game: rolling over on the floor, playing tea parties, and colouring that she manages to do without “going over the lines”. Completely integrated in her class, Bertille often has Lunch at the canteen, awesome “when they serve French fries”.

As all little girls of her age, Bertille takes part in a great deal of activities out of school. Besides the jeanettes (scouting group), where she proudly shows off her uniform, she is also learning to swim at the swimming pool. “Soon the armbands will be coming off” she adds very seriously. She also takes African dance classes on Saturday afternoons, and she would not miss them for anything in the world. There, she is taught how to dance to lively music, but also how to do a cartwheel and play the djembe drum.

Juliette, Bertille’s godmother and aunt is very close to her. Three months pregnant, she spends a lot of time with the little girl who makes her live at 200 km per hour”: cinema, circus, or musical comedy, there is not a minute to loose for this little girl who lives her life to the full!

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