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Oscar, living with Down Syndrome, is on his way to celebrity

Published on 01/24/2014 in Testimonials

oscar 1On the verge of his 7th birthday, not only has Oscar given his name to the Oscar Trophy but he has also posed as a model for the poster campaign “Down Syndrome, so what?”; and went through it all so naturally: he really is a budding star!

The Oscar trophy, started by his parents five years ago, is spreading: every year a new golf club opens its doors to the competition.

In 2012, five clubs thus helped financing research led by the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, on Down Syndrome.

As to the “Down Syndrome, so what? “campaign, people taking the train around Paris, were able to see it on the billboards just before the “world day for Down Syndrome” started.  One could admire Alice, Marie, and Sarah, Sixtine…. And Oscar, very comfortably posing.

At the end of 2010, after having spent two years in an « ordinary” kindergarten, Oscar was not really very happy. Naturally gay and expansive, he had closed in on himself bit by bit, and started to become more and more introvert and was losing his usual vitality. Worried, his parents sought the advice of a specialist and of others parents who also had children living with Down Syndrome. That is how Oscar started to follow the phase 2 “Makaton” speech therapy, 18 months ago.

oscar 2The therapy is based on sign language, not as a replacement of language but as a support. Sign is, indeed, the natural support one uses to accompany language. This principal is used and developed by the “Makaton therapy”. His parents were first sent on a three day course to be initiated to the method and practice of sign language. Having returned, it was then Oscar’s turn to start practicing with a “Makaton speech therapist”, two half hours a week.

Oscar, very quickly started to verbalize. And, although until then, he only used to say a few words, he started saying more and more and then started to build sentences. By doing that, he is also getting prepared to read and write, because one can’t learn to read and write without being able to build sentences. But more importantly, Oscar has found his place, his self-confidence and his happiness

The Curative Therapy Institute in Chatou where he goes from Monday to Thursday, since September has certainly got something to do with it too. Oscar is clearly very happy over there! And his parents, who took the difficult decision of changing him from one school to another, share his enthusiasm: here is yet another sign showing one does not become a star by pure coincidence!

1. The 2012 Oscar trophy will take place at: Golf de brigode on April, 1st; Paris Inter-Golf on May, 13th; Golf de Villarceaux on June, 10th; golf de mérignies on September, 30th; golf Isabella on October, 7th.

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