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Imane, a vibrant adolescent!

Published on 12/23/2010 in Testimonials


It doesn’t take long to find out who the real Imane Abadie really is. After a few minutes of being shy, this young girl with Down Syndrome expresses her “joie de vivre”. The teenager’s dynamic and vibrant personality is then reveal, free from any complex.

Imane Abbadie is a young girl living with her time. Though she likes playing with dolls, she is also passionate about video games, her mom’s phone and various television programmes. But « you mustn’t tell mummy because I’m not allowed » she whispers. « I don’t want you watching the television » argues her mother, who was listening closely. “No mum” Imane politely nods before giving out a smile, full of mischief.

He mother is amused: « she is an adolescent full of little habits with a personality of her own. » The young girl is, actually, quite coquette. She willingly agrees to participate in the photo session and immediately turns it into a fashion show. The outfits are changed, she poses and turns the whole thing into a show. Imane is incredibly vivacious and cheerful.

At 13 years old, she is a very happy young girl. She finds her fulfilment in life at the «unité localisée d’inclusion scolaire (ULIS: classes for Disabled persons included in ordinary schools in France) » in Sartrouville, where she is starting her second year. « I am learning mathematics, geography and English » she tells us. « I speak well: I can say blue, black and hello. I also do sports: classical dance, football, basketball, and boxing. And I have a whole bunch of friends: Sabine, Amel, Inès, Imène… » Her loquacity and energy seem endless.

« She is very self-confident and gives out a feeling of insurance » her mother happily says. « She amazes and impresses me. She is very sociable; far more than I am. When we go to concerts in our town, at Houilles-Sur Seine (78), she dances without caring of what others may think. » And there goes Imane, improvising a new dance while starting to sing.

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