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Tim's Place

Published on 04/02/2014 in Testimonials


Tim, graduated from High School and get elected student of the year by his peers and the school administration. He work now in his own restaurant. We ask him some question. 

You work in your own restaurant. Where do you take your energy from?

I get my energy from all my friends. I feel awesome about my Restaurant, no other Restaurant offers free hugs from me.

We have big dreams for the Restaurant. I love my staff.

What was the main challenge you faced when launching your project?

Multitasking is a challenge answering the phones and getting customers taken care of is my challenge

Do you see them changing their mind about people living with Down Syndrome when they come to Tim’s place?

We love everyone, people can learn a lot from people with Down Syndrome

Tim’s place example is very inspirational. What would you like to say to somebody who wants to start the same kind of business?

Follow your dreams, if you can dream it you can do it, I love you

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