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Interview of David, actor of Produce

Published on 04/30/2014 in Testimonials

ProduceProduce Tom LeGoff 2013-906

David, please tell us about yourself and how you landed this role.

I am a 21 year old young adult with Down Syndrome. I was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. I am the youngest of 5 children.

Down Syndorme of Louisville has been instrumental in my growth. I am involved with Best Buddies of Kentucky, Angels in Disguise, Special Olympics and Adaptive Rowing. I love music and making playlists.

The producer of the movie asked Down Syndrome of Louisville if they knew anyone who might want to audition for the role. They suggested me. I met with Milan, the producer, over lunch. He encouraged me to go through the audition process, which involved learning parts for three audition tapes. Milan announced I got the role at The Down Syndrome of Louisville Walk/Run.

Were you nervous to star in a movie?

At first I was nervous about acting in a movie, and then I met Chris Dowling and Kris Polaha. They are amazing guys.  They were like brothers helping me learn how to become an actor.

How was it working with Chris and the cast and crew ?

It was magical and incredible! They were extremely supportive of my acting and my personality.

Has this opened new doors for, you and do you hope to continue your work as an actor?

Yes, I got to go to the Dallas Film Festival and I am going to be in the Kentucky Derby Parade.  Automatically, YES! I want to continue acting.

We loved the film. Were you pleased with and proud of the end result?

YES! I loved the movie; I wish I could do a sequel.

You’re an incredible example for all of us; do you have any words of inspiration for those with Trisomy 21 who now looks up to you?

I want people to look at our abilities, instead of our disabilities. GO for your dreams, I have, and they are coming true.


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