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Father’s Day: testimony of the father of Marin, actor in the video

Published on 06/15/2014 in Testimonials


Marin: Hello, You are the father of Marin, who acted in the video “My Daddy” for father’s day. Could do you tell us how you see Down Syndrome?


Both rare and intense: Intense because it keeps me occupied every day and helps me to regularly question myself about education and patience and about the way other people look at Down Syndrome. Rare because it is a unique experience which taught me patience but also the fact that Marin is unique in the same way that my two other sons are unique.


When Marin turned up, it must not have been that easy, has your vision of Down Syndrome changed since you have been a father and has it changed your life and the way you are a father?


« We never thought we would have a disabled son, so we were a bit rattled by his arrival. Having said that, we didn’t, however, change our habits: we still enjoy a good family laugh, travelling and looking at the bright side of life. I think his disability has totally blended in with the family and everyone feels free to talks about it.”


What does Martin mean to you?


To start with, he is one of my sons, adolescent, full of the joy of life and he needs to be loved. He can also make us laugh a lot when he comes out with a well thought reflection, only he could find.

What message would you like to give to future mothers and fathers?

The learning curb can be difficult, you can’t skip a step but one thing is sure: every day he makes progress and knows very well what he is trying to say. It is no ordinary adventure and I would be ready to start all over again if I had to. I am very proud when I walk down the street with him.


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