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Paul baby clothes model for Baby Alpaga

Published on 07/31/2014 in Testimonials

Paul debout

Baby Alpaga, a clothes make, chose to use a child model for its winter collection. In the middle of the pictures, Paul is posing the same as the others. This 2 year old kid with Down Syndrome is starting his career as a model! We met with the creators of this make, they answered our questions!

Hello Agathe, could you introduce yourself?

Anne and I are the creators of this new French make. We want the best for children and so we work with the softest materials during summer as well as winter.

Can you tell us how Paul became one of the models for your make?

The shooting was planned in the North of France so we set up a casting call in that region.


We were thrilled to see that many mothers were very enthusiastic about getting their children to take part in the day’s work! One must know that a “child’s shooting” is very complicated! You need to be fast because children get bored very quickly. You need to manage to “shoot” all the outfits while capturing the children’s expressions and humours you want to convey.

One of the mother’s, Perrine, was one of the first to contact me. She has two children, one of whom is a little boy with Down Syndrome. She was kind enough to tell us about Paul and left us free to choose Paul or not without getting upset about it.

My associate and I answered right away that it wasn’t a problem, that he was a child the same as any other! Baby Alpaga is addressed to every baby and child: The question was therefore not an issue for very long.

During the Shooting, Perrine, his mother was present and everything went fine. The photographer had no more difficulty in shooting Tom than he did with the other children. Actually, we have beautiful pictures of all the kids !

For the record, the 2015 winter collection, of which Paul is one of the models, will be available in August with, we hope, a great success with the “Don Quichotte” bonnet worn by Paul!


To discover Baby Alpaga click here!



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