Month: June 2015

5 authorisations for research on embryos recognised as illegal

The Foundation has announced the success of several cases it initiated in 2012 to contest the five authorisations given by

Open Days for research


For the international conference of the research society for Down Syndrome from 4th to 7th June, the greatest names of research were present in Paris.


The wonderful Jean-Joseph

When 10-year-old Jean-Joseph hears his father humming the song from Stromae: “Formidable, foormidable” (wonderful, wonderfuul), he is quick at answering: “yes, I know I am wonderful!”. 


Decision taken by the ECHR concerning Vincent Lambert: It is lawful to take the life of a disabled person

  The ECHR (the European Court of Human Rights) has just made its decision concerning Vincent Lambert’s life public. It

20 years of service to care and research

For 20 years, The JEROME LEJEUNE FOUNDATION and INSTITUTE have been developping and supporting many research programs that aim at

Nathan, « Getting people to understand him is no trouble! »

At nearly 3 years old, Nathan is a little boy full of mischief and determination who knows how to express

Dear Future Mom

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