3 questions to Professor Marc Tassé, chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Clinical Jérôme Lejeune Days


marc tassé

1 Could you present the ICJLD? 

For two days, the ICJLD will allow internationally renowned experts in the field of assessment to speak. From France, Spain, Belgium, The United States and Canada, the speakers will go over the whole of research in the field of assessment. They will also present the clinical leads and practices for the assessment and identification of various problems. This in order to narrow down the diagnosis and treatment of patients living with genetic intellectual diseases.

2 Who is concerned by this subject?

The ICJLD were set up to be of interest to a very large panel of professionals. We are calling out to any professional working in contact with people with intellectual disabilities: paediatrician, educators, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, audiologists…

3 Why choose assessment as a theme?

Assessment is a necessary phase to help professionals treat their patients. The ICJLD’s objective is to cover the whole of the subject and give clinicians operating tools. The assessment of adaptive skills, pain or dementia will all be dealt with as they are all issues the clinicians are confronted with.