A colloquium on September 20th for parents whose child has an intellectual disability.



For parents whose child has a genetic intellectual disability (Down Syndrome, Fragile-X Syndrome, William Beuren Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Cri du Chat Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrome, etc.), separations and stages of life are a very preoccupying subject.

That is why, the Jérôme Lejeune Institute is organizing a day on « the accompaniment of people carriers of intellectual disabilities in the various stages of life », for parents but also family, friends and carers on Saturday September, 20th in Paris.


The day is organized around 4 themes:

  • Infancy, presented by Professor Marie Odile RETHORE, medical director of the Jérôme Lejeune Institute and member of the Academy of Medicine,
  • Learning at school, by Mrs. Elisabeth BISBROUCK, responsible for the Education and Training department at the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation,
  • Professional integration, by Mrs. Marie-José VILLARET, former director of a medico-social establishment
  • Ageing, by Doctor Michel MUIR, geriatrics

The day will be ended by Mr. Patrick Gohet, IGAS (general inspectorate of social affairs), former Interministerial Delegate for disabled people.


Practical information

Campus des Cordeliers, 15 Rue de l’École de Médecine, 75006 Paris – From 9.30a.m to 5.00p.m

Registration mandatory on the Institute’s website www.institutlejeune.org


Download the symposium dedicated to the JCIJL 2014