In Reims to denounce the euthanasia of Vincent who is disabled

We have now reached the dawn of a time we thought we would never see again: the spectrum of the euthanasia of a disabled person, compassion being the incentive.

Whatever way it is put, Vincent wants nothing to do with this deceptive compassion that consists in forcing him into a category, using a label that does not fit.

The facts are there, but they are usually occulted or contradicted without proof. Vincent has not reached the end of his life. He lives. He does not need relieving from any great pain. He is not asking for some therapeutic obstinacy to be stopped. He does not even have a treatment. Will anyone dare to say that the use of a stomach tube, out of commodity, is to be defined within the field of unreasonable obstinacy or even obsession, knowing that he is actually capable of absorbing food and water through his mouth?

So why are people so obsessed with making him die? Because of the combination of three factors: a bad law, a bad application of the law, a bad intention.

A bad law. The Léonetti law of 2004 has unfortunately introduced the possibility of killing a patient out of starvation or thirst, by assimilating nutrition and hydration to treatments. If this is recognised, then stopping a treatment also implies stopping any feeding or hydration. The State Council and the European Court of Human Right both validated it legally. So what? It does not change the fact that this legal assimilation isl nonsense.

A bad application of the law. An end of life procedure was carried out without Vincent’s parents being informed. How obstinate one must be to thus be so obsessed with taking away his life! His wife wanted him dead, it had to be taken into account apparently. Well, can a wife that wants her husband dead really claim the title of wife? So has not to go back on its decision, the hospital has decided to restart the whole procedure.

A bad intention. The decisive argument was the respect of the concerned party’s will to die. It has never been proven. Taking advantage over his minimally conscious state to put words into his mouth, Vincent was condemned, against his will, to become the first victim of the claim to the right to euthanasia. Some find their satisfaction in this, on an ideological point of view. It is what is called instrumentalization. Medical and human truth is simpler than people believe it to be. Vincent Lambert, like so many others, is quadriplegic. There are dozens of centres in France and elsewhere that are able to look after him and willing to do so. He needs to be cared for and given the love he is capable of receiving.

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, whose mission is to defend the life of the weakest, and first of all the lives of disabled people, has been supporting Vincent Lambert and his family for months. I will therefore be in Reims this Thursday, on July 23rd 2015.

Jean-Marie Le Méné
Président of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation.