Abortion: « the first to speak the truth must be executed »


The dispositions leading to the extension of abortion have just been voted by the French National Assembly.  The debate heard these last days, shows to what extent French political leaders, i.e., the government and its majority, and most opposition members of parliament, are disconnected from reality.

Conceived children, who are the most directly concerned with abortion, which deprives them from their right to live, are no longer a preoccupation and are not even evoked anymore ; they have disappeared ; abortion has become virtual ».

How can extending abortion be one of the top priorities when France is already one of the countries in Europe where there are the most abortions (220 000 abortions in France every year, 40 000 million over the past 40 years)?

How can we let such an Omerta on abortion be imposed on us?

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation wants to highlight the very serious nature of the dispositions which have been voted:

1)       Development of eugenic abortions will be one of the consequences of suppressing the requirement of a state of distress to be able to abort in France.

Indeed, the new techniques of prenatal detection, together with the liberalization of abortion, will only lead to an even greater selection of children, including selection in regards to sex.

2)       Freedom impediment, so little evoked will be a major consequence: By extending criminal offence in regards to abortion impediment, government is making information on abortion a criminal offence, punished with 2 years of imprisonment and a 30 000 euro fine, when organizations helping women will dare to speak the truth about abortion.

Only a small group of deputies, courageous and determined, voted in favour of the common good and the respect of human beings from conception to death, as the article 16 suggest, in vain.