Abortion: where have all the men gone?



Opinion page. On November 26th, on the 40th anniversary of the day the debate was initiated, the National Assembly was asked to vote a resolution stating a so-called “right to abortion”.

How can one accept to put human life to a vote? There is only one way of doing it: by deceiving the people through a lie, by getting the people to believe that having an abortion doesn’t kill a person, and that anyone who tries to express a doubt is a menace to the republic. This is what the historian, Pierre Chaunu, called “the lie that kills”. Passed around for over 40 years, this lie has been staining democracy by providing the proof that there is always a risk of voting for the worst. One would retort that, according to surveys, an overwhelming majority of citizens is favourable to abortion. If only one could have a good look at it all… The state promotes it in a shameful way, social security assimilates the aborted child to a cured disease, doctors are brought in front of the French Medical Board if they are so foolish as to suggest to a woman that she can keep her child, pro-life organizations are subject to a witch hunt, and moral authorities are petrified by the sole idea of speaking up publically about the subject.

Democracy is also being eaten away from the inside by “fertile illegalities”. The judges start off by not punishing certain infractions and a libertarian spiral thus begins. The same as for abortion, what used to be forbidden is tolerated, turned into a legal exception before becoming a common right and, finally, an obligation. Let’s remember the CSA (French scientific audio-visual committee)’s ukase commanding TV channels not to broadcast a video in which young children with Down Syndrome were given the floor. All this so as not to make women who have aborted feel guilty. The right to abortion is greater than the right to expression of those who survived! Let us also quote what happened in scientific research which uses and destroys human embryos. In just a few years, what used to be considered as horrific became a right for researchers. The exception becomes the rule. It has become impossible to defend human embryos, who are less well protected than animals or certain plant species. Anyone who tries to say so is immediately censured by a government made of judges. This will undoubtedly come to be with euthanasia also. Bit by bit, one will no longer be permitted to speak against it, it will become forbidden to be opposed to it, maybe even to avoid it oneself. One only needs to look at Vincent Lambert’s parents; they were condemned by the justice delivered the media which contested their right to resist those who wanted to sentence their son to death.

Finally, it is more than anything else, the “decline of courage”, which causes democracy to develop anaemia. When the political staff almost unanimously agrees to be the accomplice of a massive disinformation process, which serves us well-worn slogans about the reticence of the medical body, the delays, the exiles abroad, who are they kidding? Or, rather, who are they afraid to upset? Not one day passes without our society crying because of the loss of its values, its standards and its collective depression. And the political class finds nothing better to do than to legislate over a fundamental right to cause the death of a child before it is born? Looking beyond the political world, one would be tempted to ask: where have all the men gone? Are they conscious that when they resigned and signed the draft law 40 years ago they sent women right into a trap that they spend a lifetime trying to forget, a lifetime trying to forgive “him” and themselves? Websites, blogs, and discussion forums for women are overflowing with heartrending and icy testimonies. Do the political men, who will be voting tomorrow, understand that women always remain the mothers of their aborted child and that mourning will never again be possible if abortion is made a “right”? Always, never! It is not the women who abort who need condemning, but the men who, by looking the other way, imprison them in a place between “always” and “never” through their vote.

Jean-Marie Le Méné is the president of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation