Because in bioethics there is ethics, 52,000 citizens say no!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation has obtained 52,000 French citizens’ signatures for its petition against the lifting of the ban on research on human embryos. They also sent some 100,000 cards of protest to their MP.

Citizens rallying around the campaign Vous trouvez ça normal ? (“Do you find that right?”), which was launched the day after the vote on the draft law in the Senate, are on the alert for the debates on Thursday 28 March at the National Assembly. Exasperated by the progress “on the sly” of the text, passed quietly in Parliament via a draft law, they are denouncing the lack of debate surrounding a reform, however fundamental, of bioethics. Under the guise of a simple “legislative housekeeping”, the text sacrifices the ethical foundations of the French republican pact on the altar of anachronistic and scientifically outdated research that destroys human embryos.

As there were no public forums or real consultation, the signatories of the campaign Vous trouvez ça normal? (“Do you find that right?”) are counting on MPs involved in the debate that night to present their case point by point. 

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