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Charlotte, young woman with down syndrome, answers to Mr Ben Achour

Mr Ben Achour, expert of the Human Rights Committee of the UN, has made a speech in favour of prenatal eradication of people with Down syndrome.

Ségolène jumps at 4000 metres “wasn’t even scared”!

Ségolène rushed off for her first free-fall version of flying over her city, between Mouvaux and Bondues. The exploit is

Laura, queen of the festival

Last October 1st and 2nd, in Nîmes, occurred the short movie festival “Regards Croisés”, on the theme “profession and disability”.

The chromosal racism of Charlie Hebdo

  “A caricature works like a putsch. It has to work first time round or else it makes things worse.

How is the Foundation getting on at the start of this new term? Jean-Marie Le Méné’s editorial

  Our job is to welcome patients who come for a consultation and to whom we offer the advantage of

Maguelonne and Maud’s dream holidays

This week, 170 disabled people from all over the world and 350 volunteers were preparing to gather for a week’s

The wonderful Jean-Joseph

When 10-year-old Jean-Joseph hears his father humming the song from Stromae: “Formidable, foormidable” (wonderful, wonderfuul), he is quick at answering: “yes, I know I am wonderful!”. 


Nathan, « Getting people to understand him is no trouble! »

At nearly 3 years old, Nathan is a little boy full of mischief and determination who knows how to express

Camille goes up to the net

This nearly 18 year old college student, has joined the French disabled table tennis team that is attached to the

DVD Jérôme Lejeune : Passionate about his patients

  What better way to end the celebration of the 20 years of the Foundation and of the death of

Dear Future Mom

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