« Dear future mom… »

Next 21st of March, will be the 3rd International Day for Down Syndrome. Several European organizations are getting together to prove that Down Syndrome is far from being incompatible with joy in life and a future full of projects.
What kind of a life could a teenager with Down Syndrome have? Well, why not ask them directly? This is the starting point for the international campaign which begins on the 21st of March. In collaboration with the French collective, Les Amis D’éléonore and Spanish organizations (Fundacion Sindrome de Down, Canal Down 21 et Fundacion Iberoamericana Down 21) the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is participating in the project of an Italian organization, CoorDown.
A pregnant women has just been informed that her child has Down Syndrome and she is wondering what kind of life she will be able to give it. It is then that children with Down Syndrome speak up: “Your child can be happy, the same as I am.”

This simple message, clear and full of hope takes on a particular meaning in the current French society where prenatal screening tests are becoming generalised.
Since September 2013, with the consent of the National Consultative Ethics Committee, a French laboratory has been marketing a new non-invasive, precocious (carried out at 9 weeks) and banal (simple blood test) prenatal screening test for Down Syndrome. Very sensitive, it detects 99% of Down Syndrome in embryos. This kind of test strengthens the idea that the birth of a child carrier of Down Syndrome is either the fruit of a technical mistake or of irresponsible parents because they have chosen to keep the child.

It is precisely this idea that the « Dear Future mom » campaign is trying to fight by showing, with examples and simple words, that living with a person with Down Syndrome is not a synonym of despair. What better ambassadors could there be than children with Down Syndrome themselves?

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation sent three young people with Down Syndrome to Milan for the shooting of this international campaign. Robin, 22 years old, Ségolène, 26 years old and Inès, 16 years old have meet up with a dozen other young English, German, Italian and Spanish people. Together, they are making a video that will be widely broadcasted on the Internet and social networks, thanks to the campaign.

Its aim is to get the general public to better know and understand Down Syndrome and to show them that the life of a person with Down Syndrome can be as fulfilling as anyone else’s.

The video will be broadcasted in Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Russia. Saatchi & Saatchi, the communications agency in Milan is coordinating this ambitious project for free. It will be visible on the Foundation’s website and social networks from the 17th of March.

To help the campaign be a success, share this video and share your opinion on social networks by using this key word: #DearFutureMom.