DYRK1A: Saint Malo’s flagship gene

Laurent Meijer, research director for Manros.

For 15 years now, the Foundation has considered the gene Dyrk1a to be one of the main therapeutic solutions to curing Down Syndrome. It is therefore pleased to launch the first international congress on Dyrk1a with Manros, its scientific partner. Main experts of this field will come together to exchange on the subject, on 29-30-31 March 2017. The Foundation is expecting a lot of creativity and stimulating enthusiasm.

Due to its proven implication in many diseases such as Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, and various cancers, the gene Dyrk1a is an important object of studies. It is a central gene and develops strong interactions with a multitude of other genes, of which the CBS. When the production of Dyrk1a malfunctions, a whole biochemical balance is broken, thus having serious repercussions on the person’s health and causing serious diseases. Several research teams in the world are looking into one aspect or another of the gene Dyrk1a, and regularly publish the results of their researches. It is time they all came together to put their knowledge in common and encourage dialogue.