2014 European Elections. A manifesto in support of the ONE OF US initiative


luca volonte

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation has answered the call of the Novae Terrae Foundation. Its president, Luca Voluntè, launched a manifesto across Europe to all candidates of the European elections occurring in Mai 2014. This manifesto commits all candidates who have signed it to defend and promote human rights, starting with the right to live. Indeed, the first commitment explicitly stipulates that the candidates will adopt a roadmap conform to the ONE OF US initiative.

The Manifesto « Reset Europe » is supported by about 30 organisations and foundations all over the European Union. It puts forward the following principles: human dignity, the right to life, the defence of family, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, social justice and the right of parents to educate their children.

In order to encourage candidates to position themselves in favour of this manifesto, CitizenGo has published a petition on its website. All citizens who share the principles stated in the Manifesto are invited to sign the petition. This will give ONE OF US more leverage.


3 questions for Luca Voluntè

What is at stake in this manifesto will be decisive during European elections ? Why ? 

Anything concerning human rights constitutes a first choice criteria in any political campaign and helps one to evaluate the various programmes and propositions in the competition. The 10 points of our manifesto, going from total respect of human rights to social justice, gives the electors criterion to evaluate the coherence of the candidates’ public engagement. Europe has shown itself helpless these past years and incapable of seeing the oppression suffered by its most indigent citizens, from embryos to elderly people, from youth to families. If we are to “reset” Europe, we need to start asking our candidates and future members of the European parliament (again) to stand up in favour of coherent and strong values.

Why choose a manifest to call upon the candidates ? 

A manifesto is the most efficient and transparent tool. It gives the citizens a clear vision of the candidates’ willingness to commit and submit themselves to an evaluation of the political ideas they will be fighting for during their next mandate within the European parliament. This commitment starts with this manifesto. A manifesto is also a way for French and European organizations and foundations who have signed it to show their commitment.

Civil society must suggest, encourage and help the next members of the European parliament to promote the 10 points of our manifesto in order to change and “reset” Europe. Thus, the petition published by CitizenGo is very important for the candidates as well as the electors who will chose, through their vote, who the next members of the European Parliament will be.

After these elections, what vision do you have of the concrete application of these 10 points of commitment ?

The national associations and foundations have an important role to play: they need to build friendships with the candidates who have signed the manifesto in order to work better together. What’s more, all promoters of this manifesto within civil society also have an important role to play: they need to establish synergies between the various people who want to work together to defend life, family, freedom of religion, freedom of education and social justice. Politicians must serve the people they represent as well as the common good. It is the reason why the true protagonists of Europe are the actors of the European civil society.