Facing up to the conspiracy against life


Jean-Marie Le Mené’s editorial, President of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation – Twitter: @jmlemene

In a recent interview, by speaking of the 100 years of continuity between the 1915 Armenian genocide, the Shoah, and the current extermination of the Christians of the Orient, the primate of the Armenian Catholic Church showed that there is no end to these unpunished crimes. In 1939 Hitler asked: “Who still has in mind the massacre of the Armenians?” This encouraged him to perpetrate what is now called the Shoah because a crime that remains unpunished becomes an opportunity for other crimes to be perpetrated (…) If we do not sanction the seriousness of what has been done, other genocides will be carried out, and, indeed they are”.

This series of unpunished crimes, perpetrated one after the other, have been committed not only under the barbarism of exterior forces but also under barbaric deeds inside our country. We are speaking here of forty years of uninterrupted attacks perpetrated in and by families, in and by medicine, in and by the law, that Pope John Paul II qualified as “conspiracy against life”. They are times when things speed up, like know. In just a couple of days, France “integrated” the suppression of the cooling-off period preceding abortion, the practice of instrumental abortion in health centres, the distribution of the morning-after pill to underage teenagers by school nurses, the possibility for midwives to carry out drug-induced abortions, and more importantly a quota of one abortion for three births imposed on health centres whose activity is judged insufficient… The same law on health also contains dispositions allowing to fabricate experimental embryos and transfer them in utero, just to see… Adding to all this, one should speak of the Leonetti-Clayes law, voted by both the socialists and the capitalists, that authorises euthanasia via privation and sedation that irreversibly leads to an economical death, programmed within 5 to 6 days. This, our Italian friends qualify of anaesthetic theorisation of death. This law was immediately followed by an amendment claiming the appropriation by the state of the dead bodies, which will prevent families from opposing to the stripping of their deceased loved ones for organ donations. In a couple of months’ time is expected the new regulation concerning prenatal scanning for Down Syndrome. Eugenics will thus be enhanced with figures concerning diagnosed foetus jumping from 97% to 100 %.

Certain pacifistic minds believe that it would only take showing people the good path to shake the evil off. This faint-heartedness is not shared by those who are being the victims of the genocides. Without justice and compensation for the damage, the crimes go on and people do not get their rights back. There is one major text which is a pivot point for our hope that has been torn to pieces; I am speaking of the encyclical Evangelium Vitae written by John Paul II in 1995.

He speaks of everything with a clear vision which has been long lost, insisting on both the clearly innovative character of these mortifying forces but also on the eminent dignity of the value of life that even most Christians seem to have forgotten: there is an apocalyptic dimension in the fight between good and evil but there is also a need to go back to a thomistic approach of law; A law is a prescription of the reason in view of the common good… An unjust law is not a law… To these series of unpunished crimes there is only one answer: that of refusing to be an accomplice. In order for France, fascinated as it is by causing its own end, not to collapse under the weight of its abortion centres and death rooms, we need to take the risk of speaking the truth, as Mgr Von Gelen did in 1941 when he successfully denounced the programme Aktion T4, which got rid of the weakest.

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