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These children often have very little desire for water. You can get him used to it from infancy by giving him a spoonful of water before nursing or giving him a bottle. Your child might swallow water the wrong way, in which case you may ask his doctor if the water should be thickened, and how. In any case, you should give him only water and not drinks with sugar, as excessive sugar intake is often harmful. It is important that he drink water. Acidic juices may not be wise, especially for children with reflux.

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Children, adolescents and above all adults must be made to drink at last a litre and a half of water every day. Some have trouble swallowing liquids and so do not drink; others do not think of it. You must help them by asking them to daily drink all the contents of a bottle set aside just for them, for example. To fight constipation, children must drink a lot of water in addition to eating certain foods.

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