How can a psychologist help?

Psychological support is essential to your child’s medical care. He must be entrusted to trained professionals, whether individual, institutional or in hospitals. The psychologist is likely to get involved at several stages in his life, on neither a necessarily obligatory or regular basis:

  • During your child’s development, because sometimes it is useful to ensure that choices of early medical care and school or professional orientation are best for his fulfilment.
  • When difficulties arise such as depression or behavioural problems. Regular psychological support may be needed on a regular basis.
  • On the occasion of specific events (funerals, changes in lifestyle, becoming aware of the disability, etc.). The short-term treatment of these psychological difficulties is sometimes difficult as the person can have trouble expressing what he means, or trouble even speaking at all.

On-going psychological care requires time, patience and close cooperation with the family. Certainly some sessions are not easy, especially if the person expresses himself poorly, but they can bring real benefit. Sometimes, these children find a ready ear and psychological support from professionals around them (nurse, educator, etc.). Even so, parents should make sure of these professionals’ expertise in this area. Some children are followed simultaneously by both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. In the case of psychiatric illness requiring medication, a psychiatrist’s care is indispensable.

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