Toilet training

When will he be toilet trained?

Your child will tend to be toilet trained later, due to his hypotonic muscles and the fact that his neurological maturity will take longer. As with other children, a delay in becoming toilet trained can be part of a larger relational or affective relation problem. Therefore, any inappropriate educational firmness should be avoided and professional help sought in such cases. As with all their learning, you must be patient and not rush your child.

How will he become toilet trained?

Your child will become toilet trained first for stools, then for urine, first during the day and then the night. He will follow the same stages as other children, although with a bit of delay. Learning to be toilet trained too early can upset him and even be harmful to the proper functioning of his bladder.

Could he suffer from constipation?

Constipation must be treated because it may lead to delayed toilet training, in two ways: by delaying his perceiving the sensation of need, and by causing small leaks of stool around a faecal impaction (plug of stools in the rectum).

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