Laura, queen of the festival

Last October 1st and 2nd, in Nîmes, occurred the short movie festival “Regards Croisés”, on the theme “profession and disability”. The short movie produced by the Foundation and directed by Amaru Cazenave “Being different, it’s normal” was selected. Laura, one of the actresses was at the festival…

In the short movie “Being different, it’s normal”, Laura is the teacher. She remembers the two days of shooting as a good experience in which “there was a very good atmosphere and people were all very nice”. Particularly Elisabeth, a specialist teacher in charge of the education department of the Foundation, who helped her prepare the text and rehearse. It was with her also that Laura left for Nîmes to go to the Festival.

The day was spent watching the selected short movies and meeting with the other teams during the breaks. Laura met a lot of “very nice and very interesting people”. Then, as the afternoon came to its end, the Foundation’s short movie was at last projected. The public reacted very positively and congratulated Laura for her performance. Some even recognise her as she walked around in the festival and stopped her: “Tell me, wasn’t it you who had you hair in a bun in the movie? Why have you taken it out?” Laura got her first taste at being famous, with its joys but also its difficulties: the deliberation of the jury was ongoing and she started to feel quite anxious. Luckily, those in charge of the organisation had it all planned out, and our young comedian was able to run off to the wellness area to try to forget to pressure of the competition: she receive a good massage of the head, hands, and shoulders and, best of all, was made up with Dolce Gabbana products.

Thus, when Laura turned up for the award ceremony, she took place looking quite chic and elegant.

The various categories and prizes came one after the other and it was finally the turn of the category “Autre regard” (a different look), in which “Being different, it’s normal” competed. At this point, Laura’s stress hit a peak: “I was so afraid we wouldn’t be chosen, I had to close my eyes. And then, we were called to receive the first Jury prize. It was so wonderful, I cried, I was really happy”. She was quite emotional as she walked up the steps to the stage to receive the prize and the congratulations from the jury and even from its president, Patrice Leconte who also happens to be a film director, and who gave her a great hug. A wonderful moment she shared with Elisabeth.

The next part of the evening was as magical as the rest for Laura, who tells us with much emotion that “a lot of people came to see me to congratulate me, and two journalists came to talk to me to ask me about my impressions”. As a crowning finale, a dinner was then served to all the participants. And though, quoting Laura, the dinner “lasted too long”, the evening was “awesome” anyway because everyone danced late into the night.

Back home, after the festival, Laura still feels like she is sitting on a little cloud of happiness. She is thrilled about the lovely time spent and the recognition of the great team work carried out for the Short movie: “thank you to all the people who have watched the movie and liked it! You need to carry on watching it!”

As for the Jury prize, she intends to carry on celebrating it with everyone she knows. But in the end, what makes Laura most proud is her mother telling her that it is the best birthday present she has ever received!

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