The movie “Being different, It´s normal”, rewarded at the festival “Regards Croisés”

Created in 2009, the short movie festival “Regards Croisés” helps to promote political actions carried out in favour of disability. The competitors of the festival have a maximum of 6 minutes to talk about their life at work in a fun, quirky, or serious way.
The competition is open to anyone living with a disability but also to corporate movies. The festival’s jury is composed of cinema (this year Patrice was head of the jury), television, image, art, and culture professionals as well as various representatives of disabled people.
The festival’s objective is to help change the way companies see disability. It also aims at showing that difference is a source of richness for companies and that disability does not prevent one from being talented.
Amaru Cazenave, film director of “Being different, It´s normal”, has already expressed his great joy on hearing that the film had been chosen to compete in the festival “Regards Croisés”, along with other movies on disability.
Following this preselection, the film director and the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation worked on getting some of the actors of the movie to the festival, which took place last October 1st and 2nd in Nîmes. Laure, the young girl who played the teacher was thus present for the festival’s projections and the award ceremony.
As he could not be physically present at the festival, Amaru Cazenave followed the event from a distance. “The other short movies were clearly of great quality and we had no idea of the way the jury would deliberate. It was therefore over the phone that I was told about the very good news on Friday evening.”
The film director told us that: “as a director, it is always a great, great joy to receive a prize. This joy is all the greater when this prize is handed out by a jury of professionals, and when the project that is being honoured makes sense.”
Amaru thus concluded: “The short movie ‘To be different is normal’ has been a source of joy all the way through its creative process. To see this project honoured first by the public and now by cinema professionals is an outcome we would never have hoped for, and that we are very moved by.”
The Foundation would once more like to congratulate the whole team: Amaru Cazenave, Wandrille de Préville, as well as all the actors.


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