The Institut Jérôme Lejeune launches a new clinical trial

Professor Mara Dierssen and doctor Rafael de la Torre’s team (Barcelone) have just made public the results

Pétition Stop Discriminating Down

  La Fondation Jérôme Lejeune et Downpride lancent une pétition internationale : Stop Discriminating Down La Fondation Jérôme Lejeune (France)

Laura, queen of the festival

Last October 1st and 2nd, in Nîmes, occurred the short movie festival “Regards Croisés”, on the theme “profession and disability”.

December’s editorial from Jean-Marie Le Méné

  Jean-Marie Le Méné editorial, President of Jérôme Lejeune Fondation, for the letter of Fondation of december (completed on the 11/10/2015). –

Biobank, the bank that pushes you to generosity

    Last 3rd June, on the day before the international congress on Down Syndrome, dozens of researchers from all

Today, Vincent Lambert was not condemned to death

  The French equivalent of the High Court followed the public rapporteur’s recommendations. He had underlined the independence of the

The chromosal racism of Charlie Hebdo

  “A caricature works like a putsch. It has to work first time round or else it makes things worse.

The movie “Being different, It´s normal”, rewarded at the festival “Regards Croisés”

Created in 2009, the short movie festival “Regards Croisés” helps to promote political actions carried out in favour of disability.

How is the Foundation getting on at the start of this new term? Jean-Marie Le Méné’s editorial

  Our job is to welcome patients who come for a consultation and to whom we offer the advantage of

“Off to look for the load-bearing walls”

The new book from Philippe Villiers, « Le moment est venu de dire ce que j’ai vu » (the time

Dear Future Mom

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