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To communicate, definitely a keyword, very much in the wind, but even more a state of mind too, prepared to share, exchange and make a contribution to the vision of the world in perpetual movement on bases and challenges which become everlasting.

Communicating the right way, not just to exist, but to live as part of a commitment, a way of life. Always bearing in mind that it is not enough to convince others to be right, and that it is not always easy for people to accept what is right.

Being instructive and feeling empathy for the reader, telling the truth, not being overpowering, maintaining respect to others, offering the same respect as you expect to get back.

That is what the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation wants in its way of expressing what it believes to be fair and necessary to communicate.

Also here are a few articles you might wish to read, contributing to this permanent, proved for and very precious exchange to help us move forward in our discussion of ideas and of defence of what is essential to man.


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