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The Fondation research programmes are supported exclusively by donor generosity!


Programmes targeting all stages of medication development


What’s the objective ?

In France, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is one of the main promoters of research to improve intellectual function in patients affected by genetic diseases with intellectual disabilities.



The Foundation’s scientific network includes numerous research laboratories as well as national and international industrial partners.

It has several roles: development of research programmes, support of research teams working on Down syndrome and other genetic diseases with intellectual disabilities, provision to the scientific community of research tools via platform creation and by leading research efforts on Down syndrome. To learn more, consult the Scientific Council annual report


  • The Foundation provides financial support to several clinical studies, the results of which are eagerly awaited by the patients’ families. Specifically, for example, it is question of improving children’s psychomotor development by proposing treatment at as young an age as possible.

  • Since the Foundation’s founding, hundreds of scientific dossiers have been accepted and subsidised by donations. The Foundation finances each year almost 70 research projects throughout the world with almost 2 million Euros. These projects have resulted in more than 500 scientific publications.
  • This work is the practical expression of individual and collective efforts built up over the years by the Foundation, thanks to the support of its donors, to mobilise research efforts on genetic diseases with intellectual disabilities.

That’s how research advances !


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