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Catalysing skills and research actions

The Scientific Advisory Board is a multicentric network of expertise and cross-disciplinary interactions between healthcare professionals, scientists, geneticists, etc.
Developing a treatment is an ambitious, but realistic, undertaking if it federates a body of research teams and knowledge. The Scientific Advisory Board mission is therefore to supervise and direct this research effort. In addition to financing the projects that are undertaken as part of the genetic intelligence disorder research themes, theScientific Advisory Board catalyses energies and skills: it is primarily an impressive network of skills.

Thanks to donators, the Scientific Advisory Board promotes research with and thanks to the scientific community



Thanks to donators, the Scientific Advisory Board promotes research with and thanks to the scientific community



and so research progresses! nbsp;

      • These projects have given rise to more than 500 scientific publications since the Foundation was created.
      • Thanks to donations, the Foundation finances almost 70 research projects worldwide every year, totalling nearly 2 million euros.
      • Three quarters of the projects financed by the Foundation originate in Europe. The remaining quarter is accounted for by North America and Australia.




Accumulating scientific and clinical knowledge paves the way to solid therapeutic prospects!

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