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One of Us

The “One of Us” operation is a European Citizen’s Initiative, a new tool in participatory democracy.

The main thing at stake: stopping European financing of research on the human embryo while the 2014-2020 budget is being discussed. Today each citizen can have his voice heard: with 1 million signatures, with at least 60,000 from France, the European Commission will be required to reconsider this question of European financing of research on the human embryo. In France the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, Alliance Vita, the Associations Familiales Catholiques and the Comité Protestant Évangélique pour la Dignité Humaine have joined forces to get signatures on the citizen’s initiative “One of Us”.


  • Objective: 60,000 signatures from now until summer 2013

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Down Syndrome – So What?


In very different national and cultural contexts, 5 persons of different ages suffering from trisomy 21 call on the citizens and political leaders of their countries. They hope to demystify the pathology they suffer in order to reduce fears and misplaced ideas.

On 21st March, the Fundación Síndrome de Down de Madrid, Canal Down21, Fundación Iberoamericana Down21 (Spain), APPT21, Olhar 21 (Portugal), le Down Syndrome Center Pula (Croatia), Down Syndrome Development Trust (Great Britain), Coor Down (Italy), Arbeitskreis Down-Syndrom E.V.(Germany), Opole Association for Helping Children with Down Syndrome (Poland), Dauna Sindroma Biedriïba (Lithuania), Down Side Up (Russia), Jérôme Lejeune Foundation (United States), Saving Downs (New Zealand), Les Amis d’Eléonore and the Fondation Jérôme Lejeune (France) will share the necessity of forcefully reaffirming this forgotten truth: Down syndrome – So What?


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Interventions at the level of the public authorities


The need to protect the environment is today a leading preoccupation for many major players on the political, institutional, media and public opinion stages.
Today, in the name of protecting whales, we accept equipping boats that violently collide with hunters. Today, to avoid research on animals, we look for alternative possibilities and especially the use of human embryonic stem cells. Today, countless animal embryos are protected by law and threat of fines or prison.

And everyone thinks that is normal.

At the same time, today, a proposed law seeks to repeal the prohibition against research on the human embryo. France is ready to put into question the fundamental principle of protecting human life. This principle is threatened by ideological, financial and commercial pressure.

However, the stakes of respecting the human embryo go ontologically beyond those for biodiversity and the planet.

This campaign seeks to ensure that embryo research and what is at stake are not forgotten in the current social debate, especially when a fundamental legislative change is about to be adopted by Parliament. The challenge consists of again making the need to protect the human embryo as important a preoccupation for the public and all citizens, at least as much as the ecological stakes.


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