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Against the draft law on health and to fight for Vincent Lambert’s life, the Foundation is mobilising. It relentlessly denounces the abuses carried out by medical care that is no longer humane. With your help the Foundation can save lives.

Hardly was the Claeys-Leonetti draft law which legalises the form of euthanasia caused by sedation until death and mandatory advance directives voted in its first reading that the government came up with the following transgressions via the project for the law on health (voted in its first hearing on April 14th): extreme trivialisation of abortion, making its practice more common, automation of organ donations, instauration of a new regime concerning research on embryos.

At the same time, people were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Leonetti law pertaining to end of life issues, forgetting or not aware that this law contained the seeds of today’s abuses concerning euthanasia. It indeed led to considering food and hydration no longer as care due to any human being but as a treatment seen as therapeutic obstinacy. However, Vincent Lambert’s case, which is a consequence of that law, has been highly publicized because of the trial brought in front of the French Council of State and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Vincent’ state must be reassessed: contrary to what has been said, he is obviously not dead, nor is he in a vegetative state, and he certainly is not being subject to therapeutic obstinacy. He is simply seriously disabled, in a minimally conscious state.

By the time you read these words (end of April) the decision of the ECHR should be close. Vincent Lambert’s case has become emblematic of the evolution of French society, which considerers that certain human lives are not (before birth) or are no longer (disability or old age) worth living.

■ Mobilisation can be dissuasive

As a reaction to this decision, a support committee has been put together to spread awareness about the truth and start a mobilisation: The first objective is to save Vincent: If the ECHR turns down the parents’ request, a mass mobilisation could still dissuade the carers to go through with the decision. The support committee also wishes to raise awareness concerning the impact this decision would have on the other 1500 disabled people living in a minimally conscious state in France.

■Jérôme Lejeune’s legacy

Before this summer, the transgressions present in the various texts of law will go through the legislative process at the end of which there will be a vote. The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is not expecting any miracles faced with the clear powerlessness of the only political leaders and moral authorities who could put up an opposition.
However, it does intend to give up on a mission received as a legacy from Jérôme Lejeune: to defend the life and dignity of every human being threatened by medical care that has lost its humanity. Relentlessly, it carries on fighting: informing people about what is going on on a bioethical level, analysing what is at stake concerning the ongoing cases and texts, mobilising the people, and calling upon political authorities. Today, the Foundation is actively supporting the support committee for Vincent Lambert and is calling upon all of you to sign the Call “Sauver Vincent, tout simplement”.

Acting to save Vincent Lambert

Vincent-Lambert-260A support committee is mobilising via which enables everyone to:
→ GET TO KNOW ABOUT THE CASE: a complete chronology, Vincent’s medical state, the judicial aspect
→ STAYING INFORMED ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF THE CASE, via its Facebook accounts (/jesoutiensVincent) and Twitter (@SoutienVincent)
→ SIGN THE CALL “Sauver Vincent, tout simplement”


If the ECHR was to reject the request made by Vincent Lambert’s parents, then the prescription to starve Vincent to death could again be put in place. But will the hospital of Reims and its new chief doctor go along with the court’s decision?


This mobilisation to save Vincent is therefore determining; if it becomes important enough it could dissuade the carers to go through with such a decision. Physicians, people in charge of specialised wards for serious disability, writers, philosophers, and historians have already signed.
Every signature counts: Sign the Call ≪ Sauver Vincent, tout simplement ≫.
Make it known: A huge thanks for Vincent and the others.

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