Works on Professor Lejeune


Professor Jérôme Lejeune’s work as a researcher and physician cannot be disassociated from his humanity, unanimously recognised by all who knew him in both his professional and private life.

The importance of his discoveries, especially that of Down syndrome, and the numerous awards he received throughout his life, make him an exceptional man. It is enthralling to discover his life and work.

Among the works published by Professor Lejeune, three have been selected among all the other equally excellent, because they each bring a special look at the man:


Notice du Pr Lucien Israël sur la vie et les travaux du Pr Jérôme Lejeune

Professor Lejeune seen by a great cardiologist and professor of medicine, member of the Institute


Biographie de Jérôme Lejeune par Anne Bernet

Professor Lejeune seen by a historian and journalist


LaVieestUn Bonheur


Professor Lejeune portrayed lovingly and intelligently by his daughter

Dear Future Mom

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