An entire galaxy of aid to patients

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We will find it; it is inconceivable that we will not find a solution”.
It takes much less intellectual effort than to send a man to the moon.”


This is surely a message of hope. It is also and above all the testament of a man of action who knew what price would have to be paid for discovery.

In taking over his initiative and with the same determination, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation knew that it must increase initiatives, links and support to reach this deeply wished-for objective.

For this reason and with a view to efficiency, the Foundation has slowly but surely built up various structures and related links indispensable to its mission: research, care, advocacy.

In the heart of the galaxy

galaxy of aid to patients



  • In the beginning, the Fondation created the Institut Jérôme Lejeune, dedicated to consultations with patients suffering from Down syndrome or one of the other genetic diseases with intellectual disabilities.That was the most urgent priority, perpetuating Professor Lejeune’s medical office, offering to patients a specialised place forfollowingand coordinating their treatment, especially with an eye to lightening their handicap while waiting for a medicine to cure their disease.

  • Finally, other things were added to continue the growth – other initiatives, means, new activities, rare skills, vital links, as well as ever-increasing human, intellectual and financial support.Yes, agoal comparable to going to the moon requires bringing together many skills, pushing and coordinating the actions which cannot succeed without the strength of a common project, clearly defined, constantly moving and tirelessly explained and defended.

  • The FondationJérômeLejeune thus finds itself at the heart of an immense galaxy, strong and continually drawing others to itself, made up of many structures, each of which carries on a part of the huge task bequeathed by Professor Lejeune.

  • As such, the Fondation is able to lead a coherent, global strategy by mobilising a major network.Numerous research projects, its place as a leading actor and motor recognised all over the world, renowned for its expertise, the quality of its work, the excellence of its researchers, the experience of its physicians, the advances of its paramedical and scholarly teams.Each performs its own special task, with complete freedom to play its part, its whole part, in this great symphony – a hymn to life, to human life, where everyone works to research, treat, cure and defend the weak.

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