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The keystone principles of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation – Research, Care, and Advocacy – are henceforth secured on the North American territory!

In fact, the Foundation has entertained special relationships with the north American scientific community, having provided its support for many researchers and rewarded the work of several scientists, including neurologist, Pr William Mobley in 2011 and Pr Roger Reeves in 2012.

The reach of the Foundation across the Atlantic has been concretised by the creation of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, established on American soil to give broader scope to the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation missions.


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Quick preview of actions across th Atlantic

Interactions with members of the Paris-based Jérôme Lejeune Foundation are numerous and take place during meetings and exchanges between the scientists and the two Continents.

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In 2012, two Franco-American brothers set off on American roads to lift funds for the American Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, and to raise awareness about its work. Marc and Patrick Leblond covered 4,800 km in less than eight days, crossing the United States from West to East. We congratulate them both and encourage the future torch-bearers of new challenges!

In coming years, the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation’s mission will be to reinforce support for research teams thanks to the generosity of its donors.


Executive Board of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation

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Jean-Marie Le Mene (Honorary Chairman)

Executive Board Chairman, Jérôme Lejeune Foundation Paris, France


John M. Haas, Ph.D., S.T.L., K.M. (Chairman, Pro-Tempore)

Chairman, The National Catholic Bioethics Center
Philadelphia, PA


Francis J. Kelly (Secretary/Treasurer)

Executive director and head of communications and public affairs
American Region
Deutsche Bank
Washington, DC


Jean-Francois Bonnete

Director of Operations, Pisco Porton
Houston, TX

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John Bruchalski, M.D.

Chairman, Divine Mercy Care
Founder, Tepeyac Family Center
Fairfax, VA


Marilyn Coors, Ph.D. 

Senior Lecturer in Bioethics and Genetics
University of Colorado, Anshutz Medical Campus
Denver, CO


David Lejeune

Founder and CEO, OpusFidelis
Executive Director, Fidesco, USA
Reston, VA


Jean-Hugues Monier

Consultant at McKinsey & Company,
New York, NY


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