A determined team at the service of the Foundation



      Portrait of the Executive Director,
      Thierry de La Villejégu


      By joining the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation after working for more than twenty years in industry, I was at last responding to my desire to serve human life.

      A widower, and mourning the death of a child, my personal experience had exposed me to the fragility of life.

      I started questioning the place medicine and scientific progress reserved for mankind.

      So I felt it was time to embrace this cause. At that time, I did not know that, beyond the satisfaction of devoting myself to this cause, I would be rewarded with the gift of unity and freedom.

      Through Down syndrome, I discovered the harsh drama and drastic fate of these human beings – undesirable due to their condition – even though scientific and medical research was opening up therapeutic perspectives for this condition.

      However, beyond the drama of Down syndrome, I have met such radiant people, like my goddaughter Ines, and families with admirable courage and strength, doctors and researchers who are driven and determined to let life be lived.

      Strangely, due to a phenomenon of sliding consciousness, Down syndrome has revealed a striking aberration in our healthcare and ideological system. The eradication of children with Down syndrome exposes, in my view, the collapse of our society.

      On joining this extraordinary team at the Foundation, I knew I was being invited to make my contribution in the fight against the fatality of the condition and handicap, and to be re-enchanted by the hope of helping to save human lives.

      When I was a student at Sciences Po, I wanted to serve my country’s values of justice and fraternity.

      Thanks to you, dear Down syndrome people, I have been given the chance to fulfil this desire. 

      Dear Future Mom

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