The Gaulier’s on a spree to bring back hope to Down Syndrome



Gaulier During the summer of 2010, the Gaulier family rode their bicycles from Douai to Paris. This family, which includes Emmanuel, Béatrice, Félix (14 years old), Célèste(10 years old) and Grégoire(8 years old) wanted to share their hope that a treatment for Down Syndrome, which their son Grégroire was born with, can be found.

Where did you get this idea of going on a bike excursion?

Béatrice Gaulier : We like adventure and we like meeting people. Our adolescent children wanted to go off on an itinerant bike excursion and we thought of including the foundation into the project. That’s why we’ll be riding from our house to the Foundation. We were inspired by a family’s trip through America in a camping car, trip related in one the Letters of the Foundation.

Over a period of three weeks, depending on how speedy we are, we’ll ride 300 km. The older ones don’t find the distance very challenging but it’ll be quite enough for Grégroire. We’ll be carrying our tents. Grégroire can’t wait; he loves family activities. There’ll be a third wheel attached to his bike, so he’ll be able to pedal and hold the handle bars as if he were on a tandem.

You are a family of adventurers…

B. G. : Well, it is true we like moving around! We have moved 9 times in 16 years in France and abroad… When we were expats in Morocco from 2003 to 2006, we travelled in the South of Morocco and lodged with the inhabitants. In 2008, we spent Christmas at the Great Saint Bernard Pass, which you can only get to with snowshoes and last summer, in the Vercors, we spent 8 days walking and camping with two donkeys in complete autonomy (water, food, tents).

What is the aim of this project ?

B. G. : We want to make known the Foundation and inform people of the necessity of donations. We are not really used to speaking of disability in our everyday life; this project will give us an opportunity to do so. We’ll be giving our golden book to the Foundation, in which everyone will be able to right something, before we leave, on the road or on the internet.